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Created and executed by me

One of the biggest selling points of Battle Born Batteries is that they are manufactured at their warehouse in Reno, NV, their internal BMS, and their cylindrical cells.


I wanted to create a short, and easily digestible stop-motion video to showcase the components that go into the build. The video can be modified for promotions on all social media channels and website. 

Insight: Most of our clients for Battle Born Batteries live on the road with their children. 

Execution: I wanted to create a kids' activity book, that could be adapted to a product line sheet, with fun road trip activities for adults and kids alike. 

The book can be printed one time only and be a special edition, or it can be posted online and used as a tool for email collection. 

Idea and mock-up designed by me

Screen Shot 2023-07-17 at 09.08.54.png

PUblished articles

An educational piece I wrote for RV Pro Magazine's June Power Solutions Issue. The article explores lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, focusing on their respective pros and cons.


With a word count of approximately 800-1,000 words, the piece aims to provide readers with a balanced understanding of these two battery technologies without veering into promotional territory.

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